About Us
Hillcrest Advice Bureau and Bursary Fund is a registered non profit organisation (017-129 NPO) established in 1972 by Mrs. Mary Grice, Ann Hatchkiss and Margaret Hall then members of the Black Sash.

Hillcrest Advice Bureau and Bursary Fund was opened as an unofficial offshoot of the Durban Black Sash Advice office to make the advice services closer to people in the rural area of the Valley of 1000 Hills. It was obvious to the volunteers that the children of families seeking advice were not accessing their education due to the excruciating poverty and lack of money for food, transport, school fees and school uniforms. Mary Grice and her friends firmly believed that the only sustainable way out of poverty was through education and they started a feeding scheme, feeding up to 1000 children a week. Hence the Schools Fund began.

In due course the first children supported by the Schools fund matriculated. HAB and BF supported the brightest of them in attending tertiary education and the Tertiary Fund was born.



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