What We Do

Hillcrest Advice Bureau and Bursary Fund is set up to enable academically gifted but severely poor and disadvantaged young people to enter careers through educational qualifications thereby breaking the poverty cycle for themselves and their families as well as providing economic and social contributions to society, i.e.  A Better South Africa, One Degree at a time…


Four voluntary members and 1 part time employee work to meet three needs within the disadvantaged rural communities of the Valley of 1000 Hills in KwaZulu Natal.  The administration costs are less than 2% of income as follows:


ADVICER7 800 per annum (2013 Sponsorship Still Available)

Application for id’s, social grants etc. (1 part time employee)            


ACCESS TO SCHOOL EDUCATIONR25000 per annum (2013 Sponsorship Secured)

Helping the very poorest children to be allowed into school by providing uniforms.  These children are identified by social workers and teachers.


ACCESS TO TERTIARY EDUCATIONR550 000 per annum (R260 000 Sponsored by Trusts, R290 000 Sponsorship Available)

Helping young people who meet our stringent criteria after interview to overcome the financial hurdles to tertiary education.


Over 90% of our students achieve the tertiary education qualification which they set out to get.  We believe this is because we are a small group able to provide personal ‘in loco parentis’ coaching.  We meet very regularly with our students and monitor their progress closely.


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