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1. Rev Gary Thompson

2. Manzini Zungu

Manzini is a teacher and Head of Outreach at Kearsney College and was educated at St Francis College (now MarianneHill) benefitting from the generosity of a German Priest.  Manzini achieved his BSc in Maths and went on to do Honours and a Masters.  He started working at Kearsney in 2001, has 2 children of his own and also cares for 11 nephews and nieces who are the orphans of some of his siblings.


3. Thule Gumbi

Well about my self : I am Thuleleni Gumbi Known as Auntie Thule. I love my children and all the children around the country. I am a care giver , listener, advisor, over protective mother. I give unconditional love i always try to put a smile to some people in need not in a face but deep down in their heart and sole. I was born with a passion to help peolpe in need especial young generation around the National.I worked with Hillcrest Advice Bureau from 2004 to 2010. My work was to visit 23 Valley schools with Rosemary Dickenson. to encarage children to do their best and also to show them that Hillcrest Advice bureau they care and they are all special. .I worked as Student counsellor over the phone,  the learners  were givern a chance in somedays after school to send a n sms call me back to Aunty Thule and I would be there  when they want to talk also as an Agony Aunt. Some learners did not have a cellphone in their homes then, they will write a letter to and give it to the pricipal of the school then the school will call me to come and collect the letters read them sometimes get a chance to talk with that learner face to face in a school. I was also working close with childline that some cases of abuse would be reported to Childline. A motivational Speaker at the assembly in a school. I loved my work because i believe and know from my experience that when it comes to children  in need or orphans you have to give your best in order to make it work. food .uniforms,fees etc are not only resource that can keep a learner in school in order to complete their schooling/Tertiary. But they need true caurage that will quickly transform the problems they have into challenges and have confident which is the main source of security, safe and harmony. Then they will have a respect of a life time  because some  good people will not juge them of where they come from but help them to go further to seek a better future. I have a National Diploma in Child and Youth Developmet. Childline counselling Cerificate,HIV Aids Counselling for children and Adult Cerificate and Smart Choices Certificate.

4.  Mark Essey

Co-opted Members in Training as Trustees

Kevin Turner (LLB) (more information on Kevin to follow)

Philippa Hurley (more information on Philippa to follow)


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