Tanya Harvey – Chairperson


Tanya Harvey is passionate about the benefits of an educated people to their society having experienced first hand the empowering effect that the focus on education has had in her mother's home country, Barbados.

Tanya chose to re-locate to SA in 2008 when she travelled overland from the UK with her family in their Landcruiser.  She worked for 20 years within the Gas Transportation industry in the UK and has an Engineering degree and MBA.  Tanya has 6 years of experience working within a UK School as a member and Chairperson of the Governing Body.    Concurrently she worked on the management committee of the PTA at another school.  She is married to husband Martyn and has two dependent children, one adult child, two adult step-children and one grandchild. 

    Heather Maybery – Secretary

Heather Maybery taught Commercial Subjects 40 odd years ago - for 3 years, but gave up working when she had her first baby (as one did in those days!) She returned to work once her 2 daughters were grown up, and was a Training Manager for a Publishing Company. She loved being involved in the young people’s lives and seeing them gain confidence through knowledge – and make a success of their careers and their lives. She is now retired.

Heather firmly believes that Education is vital to create a better South Africa.  And that the learners we support and monitor will contribute towards this.

She’s been married for 43 years, and has 2 daughters (both married) and 3 grandchildren.

    Rosemay Dickinson – Treasurer

Rosemary Dickinson works as a bookkeeper for a small business a couple of days a week and has administered the school programme for the Hillcrest Advice Bureau and BF since the end of 2003.  Having been involved in Service Clubs for many years and in the Social Responsibilities portfolio in her church she is passionate about trying to improve the lot of those who have little and believes that education is a right for every child.  She has three children and 7 children – all true loyal South Africans.

    Connie Johnson – Ex Chair

Connie Johnson has a B Sc Degree and the Transvaal Teachers Higher Diploma, and over the past 40 years has held numerous teaching posts where she has taught children from nursery school to Grade 12. 

As someone who had the privilege of a good education, she has always believed that it is important  to use her skills to help people who were less fortunate. For many years she was  involved in Black adult education where she taught Literacy from Grade 2 to Grade 5 as well as Grade 12 Biology to domestic workers.

Connie believes strongly in education and has four married children who all successfully completed their university educations. She is the proud grandmother to eight grandchildren.

    Martyn Harvey – Interview Practice

Martyn is an Englishman who retired to South Africa in 2008.  He worked for many years as a Director of a large Profit Centre for an Insulation Distribution Company and thus has considerable experience in all aspects of business management.  Martyn works with individual students to develop their interview skills, improve the presentation and content of their cvs and develop the right approach for obtaining part time or casual work in the highly competitive marketplace.

Martyn is a keen golfer and plays squash and racket ball on a regular basis.  He has been married to Tanya (Chairperson, see above) for 17 years and he has 4 children, 1 stepchild and a new grandson.

    Jenipher Lavender – Website Maintenance

Jenipher joined the Hillcrest Advice Bureau and Bursary Fund in late 2012, assisting with the marketing and website upkeep.  Jenipher has experience in bookkeeping & finance, HR, Marketing, Adult Education (12 years) and painting & decorating services.  Jenipher has volunteered to assist in her spare time at the Hillcrest Advice Bureau and Bursary Fund, as she has always felt strongly about education being the key in uplifting individuals out of unemployment and desperate poverty situations.

Winnie Mtwakwande – Advice Centre   


Winnie has worked with the Hillcrest Advice Bureau and Bursary Trust since it began in the 1970’s when she started working as an Interpreter on a part time basis.  Winnie’s potential was soon identified by Mary Grice and her colleagues who supported Winnie through her Paralegal training at the University of Natal. Since completing her Paralegal Diploma Winnie has run the Advice Centre, representing clients in their claims with Companies and Organisations such as due benefits and grants, pension funds, road traffic accident claims. 

Winnie is the third daughter of eleven children.  She has a son and a daughter who she has raised as a single parent.  Winnie enjoys going to church, music and growing her own fruit and veg.  She is very happy working to help people obtain what is due to them, so helping families out of dire poverty and to be able to be self respecting, contributing members of society.


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