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The Tertiary Fund takes the majority of HABandBF resource in terms of time and finance. The fund is set up to enable academically gifted but severely poor and disadvantaged young people to enter careers through educational qualifications thereby breaking the poverty cycle for themselves and their families as well as providing economic and social contributions to society, i.e. A Better South Africa, One Degree at a time…


Click here to see the life story of one of our learners: Zwanani Ncgobo - being supported through the HABandBF 

Hereunder is another story of one of the students: Bonga Bhengu - Aged 31 years (more stories below):

Bonga comes from the rural area of KwaNgcolosi near the Inanda Dam and Waterfall/Hillcrest areas of the Valley of 1000 Hills in KwaZulu Natal outside Durban.

He has just completed studying for a Bachelor in Education through the University of South Africa.

Bonga saved towards his tertiary education by working for a small charity where he taught life skills to rural High School students. There were much lower than average teenage pregnancies and higher than average completion of Grade 12 studies within the schools which the courses were taught at.

Bonga’s results have been very pleasing he received 100%, 100%, 99% and 96% in his final exams.

His Story:

I grew up in KwaNgcolosi [which is] in [a] rural area near to Hillcrest. I come from a disadvantaged background with no parents as they were both deceased. I have got three siblings: my first sister is disabled therefore she earns a disability grant; my last two sisters are not working. We survive through the pension of my older sister. I have got the vision to change my situation in my home and in the community. One day I attended the course of World Changers which is where my dream start to shine and the Hillcrest Bursary who play a big role in my life. They support my dream, give me the funds and buy the text books and the transport money.

My life is completely changed now I have full support in being an undergraduate. I am doing well in school and getting fantastic marks. Currently I am doing second year and am right on track to fulfill my dream and accomplish my vision because I am dedicated.

I am proud of Hillcrest Bursary due to their full support and [the fact that they] help various communities to change our lives to be better, working together in interrelationship. I respect and highly appreciate Hillcrest Bursary.


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