Hurdle 1: Poor education in under-resourced and dilapidated schools.
Hurdle 2: Tertiary Education Application Fee (R150-R250).
Hurdle 3: Transport costs to attend institution for Registration.
Hurdle 4: Tertiary Education Registration Fee (R2500-R3700)
Hurdle 5:
NSAFAS Loan Eligibility (National Student Financial Aid Scheme. Even if eligible NSFAS loans are not always available due to under-resourcing by government.
Hurdle 6:
ID & Birth Certificate. NSFAS loans are paid into the student’s bank account. A bank account requires an id which requires a birth certificate. Not all children born in rural communities have birth certificates. No bank account = no NSFAS loan.
Hurdle 7: Costs of Food, transport or accommodation often must be covered by part-time work which means less study time.
Hurdle 8: Learning computer skills whilst studying for tertiary qualification (under-resourced high schools have no computers).


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